ACT Jump Start Academy

(4.5 hours)


The ACT Jump Start allows busy students to get a quick yet comprehensive overview of the ACT so they are not blindsided by this tricky, high-stakes test.

  • Students participate in two two-hour sessions English/Reading and Math/Science and learn the content and structure of each test.   They break for half an hour between the two sessions
  • GOAL SCORES and PACINGthe key elements for success!  Students learn how to set their goal score and the pacing strategies they need to reach it.
  • Students learn the key test-taking strategies they need to avoid traps on each test.
  • Students receive a comprehensive handout of the class power points that they can use later for review.  They also get a copy of the 76CPRE ACT test, the latest test the ACT has released.  Students take and review practice passages in each content area.      


  • $850 (Zoom or live class) for one 4.5 hr. session.  
  • $15/student packet of materials (schools have the option to print out their own materials)
  • If students in a zoom session need printed handouts, postage charges will be added.
  • Mileage at $.585/mile for two ACT coaches
  • If the driving time exceeds 2 hours or class begins before 9:30 a.m., hotel accommodations for the first teacher.

A great introductory class for both first-time test takers and students who want a refresher.

  • Focus On Learning
    3610 Buttonwood Drive #200
    Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 573-239-4074 (Cell)
    (573) 573-886-8969 (Office)

    * Required
  • For Zoom classes, add the cost of mailing binders.

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