ACT Jump Start Academy

(4 hours)

What is ACT Jump Start Academy?

The ACT Jump Start Academy is an introductory ACT prep course for sophomores-seniors. Ideal for students who have not taken the ACT before.

  • Explores structure and major content of each test and key traps to avoid.
  • Students take a practice passage in each of the four content areas.
  • Students receive a copy of the power point presentation that includes interactive materials, handouts, and a practice ACT test.
  • Good introductory class for students who have never prepped for the ACT.
  • Instructors are experienced FOL teacher-coaches.


     ACT Fishbowl Academy Cost:

    • $75/teacher for a packet of workbooks, test, lesson plans, and classroom PowerPoints.
    • $220/student for a group of 60
    • Mileage at $.575/mile for teachers
    • If the driving time exceeds 2 hours or class begins before 9:30 a.m., hotel accommodations for the teachers.