ACT Academy / ACT Fishbowl Academy

(20 HOURS)

The ACT Academy is for students only. The ACT Fishbowl Academy allows teachers preparing to coach the ACT to observe.

It is a comprehensive class that includes

  • Intensive subject reviews in English and math.
  • Tested ACT strategies for each of the four subject areas, with differentiation according to the goal scores of students. We do not offer a one-size fit all prep program.
  • Materials: two student workbooks (English/Reading and Math/Science), of 4 retired ACT tests, and supplemental materials.
  • Weekly homework that includes both review of content and test taking strategies and practice ACT passages and problems.
  • We offer a choice of one or two sections of the class. One section alternates teachers after 2.5-hours.
  • Instructors: Dr. Chippendale, Dr. Moss or experienced FOL teacher -coaches.

Class size limited to 30 for one section and 60 for two sections. For two sections, we group students into “high” and “lower” groups according to past ACT scores or G.P.A.

The Academy can be scheduled for every ACT test. We recommend an October or December Academy for seniors and an April Academy for juniors.

Contact us for exact pricing. Our break down to approximately $245/student for a group of 30 and $220/student for a group of 60.

In the Fish-Bowl Academy, teachers observe Focus teachers teach the classes. Each participating teacher pays $75 for a packet of workbooks, tests, lesson plans, and classroom PowerPoints. The Fishbowl is a “lab” class for teachers who have taken the Teachers as ACT Coaches, but it also benefits teachers who are just starting to coach. By observing the class, teachers learn about pacing their ACT instruction and benefit from observing student responses.