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One-time offer of 50% off our Online ACT Jump Start Course

This four-hour introductory online ACT course includes the four subject areas (English, Math, Reading, and science)  and covers the format, content, and the major traps students must avoid. The course is short and to the point and does not overwhelm students who work on their own. 

By the end of our ACT Prep Jump Start, students will have

  • A step-by-step guide approach for each test, including when to guess.
  • Learned key strategies for interpreting questions and eliminating incorrect answers.
  • More confidence because the content is familiar.
  • Learned to not second guess themselves.


One-time offer of 50% off to our 50 Proven ACT Tips.pdf

50 Proven ACT Tips

The ACT is a test unlike any other you have taken in high school, and you need to know it is packed with tricks and traps.  Recognizing how to avoid these pitfalls will lead to a great score. We have been helping our students achieve top ACT scores for over 30 years.  Private tutoring is expensive.  Yet we know how important these scores are and therefore want to share our top tips with all students.  We know they work!  This download will give you tips for every section of the  ACT test and cover everything from pacing to specific question strategies.  The calculator program — custom-designed for ACT/SAT tests — is a game changer for the math test. 

Download!  Follow the Tips!  You can do it!  We’re pulling for you!


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