24-Hour Tutoring Prep Package

We offer in-person and online private tutoring packages.

Why is private tutoring so effective?

Private tutoring is the gold standard of prep.  It is focused and efficient.  Every session is  geared specifically to the needs of each student. It is beneficial to spend time to raise scores and grades as the low because it is easier to build on strengths than remediate weaknesses.  

During private tutoring sessions, students

  • Set a goal score
  • Work with subject specialist tutors or coaches
  • Receive customized strategies and subject review.
  • Complete homework that includes the most recent ACT  practice tests. We teach strategies in our tutoring sessions and give students tests to practice on for homework.  The more practice tests students are prepared to take, the higher thier scores will be. 

What are the benefits of private tutoring?

  • Gives students an opportunity to meet with their tutor once per week for an hour and a half during a semester 
  • Flexible scheduling, including weekends
  • Instruction geared entirely to each student’s needs
  • Homework assignments individualized for each student—built-in review is included as needed.
  • Immediate feedback and assessment of progress
  • Safe work environment–no embarrassment asking questions

Who benefits from private tutoring?

Every student

  • Excellent for students who are uncomfortable asking questions in a class setting.
  • Students who are reserved and won’t ask questions in a class setting
  • The best option for low scorers who lack confidence and feel overwhelmed.

* Dr. Chippendale and Dr. Moss’s one-on-one tutoring are not included in this package. Their rate is $125/hour. Tutoring with Dr. Chippendale and Dr. Moss can be scheduled at www.FocusOnLearningCenter.com/Contact-Tutors.

Can I break the time down to less than an hour for a session?

Yes. Students can coordinate with their tutor with their permission to meet for shorter sessions to follow up on homework or projects as long as the student and tutor agree with their schedules.



Or 4 interest-free installments of $420.00 with Afterpay. Click to learn more. 


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