20-Hour ACT Academy

We offer a 20-hour on-site ACT Academy that helps students take the ACT with confidence. This class is designed to benefit students ranging from those who have never taken the ACT before to those who already have prior scores and and want to raise them.  

Our class helps students set a goal score, which determines what areas on the test they need to focus on. The ACT tests don’t require perfection for a student to earn a high score.  For example, on the last released ACT test, students can still score a perfect 36 by missing 3 questions in English, 2 in math, 1 in reading, and 2 in science.  So— even with 8 incorrect answers students can still score a perfect 36.  

Not every ACT test is as generous, but students must understand that the ACT is NOT scored like the tests they are used to taking in class, where every wrong answer absolutely lowers their grade.  An A+ on the ACT could translate to an equivalent of a C, or even lower, on a classroom test.  Once students recognize this, their anxiety-level drops immediately. 

To raise ACT scores, all students must focus on four areas: 

  1. Develop efficient pacing strategies—timing is everything on this test! Seconds count.
  2. Understand  how the content of each subject test is based on the subject material students have learned in their classes.  The test covers English grammar,  punctuation,  and rhetoric; the math  test includes algebra, geometry, statistics and pre-calc/trig; the reading  test requires fast processing of multiple styles of text which include first person narratives, historical documents, or summaries of scientific research; and finally, the science test requires a fundamental understanding of earth, natural, and physical science; biology, chemistry, physics & astronomy, as well as a general understanding of scientific research methodology.  It’s NOT an easy test!  But  it is absolutely TEACHABLE!  Effective  preparation makes the difference.
  3. Identify and avoid traps that can derail students on every test.  The traps are crafty and well constructed, but once students recognize them, they are no longer fooled by them.
  4. Apply what they learn by reviewing subject content and practicing a minimum of  two full-length, authentic ACT tests.

What does our 20-Hour ACT Academy include?

Our ACT Academy is a 4-week program taught on-site or via Zoom. It includes

  • Two 5-hour Lectures
  • ACT Mock Test (includes grading and discussion)
  • 5-Hour ACT  Mock Test review & lecture



Students will receive 

Online ACT English/Reading Student Prep Packet

  • ACT prep English/Reading Workbook (2022)
  • Tips for Taking the ACT
  • Punctuation Cheat Sheet
  • ACT English and Reading Quick Review Worksheet
  • Sentence Boundaries Worksheet
  • Punctuation Worksheet
  • Pronouns and Apostrophes
  • Wordiness
  • Reading Context Cues

All ACT prep materials were written by Dr. Ene-Kaja Chippendale

Online ACT Math/Science Student Prep Packet

  • ACT Prep Math and Science Workbook (2022)
  • The Power of Random Guessing
  • Pacing on the ACT Math Test
  • Introducing Graphing Calculators
  • ACT Math: Execution and Comprehension Error Checklist
  • ACT Science Test Diagnostic
  • ACT Science Passages
  • ACT Calculator Programs and Instructions

All ACT prep math and science materials were written by Dr. Gary Moss.

Fill out the on-site 20-hour ACT Academy registration form below.

Give us a call at (573) 239-4074 or (417) 344-7055  if you have any questions.

On-Site 20-hour ACT Academy Registration Form

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    3610 Buttonwood Drive #200
    Columbia, MO 65201
    (417) 344-7055 (Office)
    (573) 239-4074 (Cell)

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  • The 20-Hour ACT Academy is typically four weeks in a row. Please list the four consecutive weeks that you would prefer.
  • $525/Student

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